“Jesus” at Sight & Sound Theatre

Jesus at Sight & SoundCan you even imagine?!? Sight & Sound Theatre will be doing a musical stage adventure about the most famous person to ever walk the face of this earth, and the everyday people whose lives He changed forever. It is going to be amazing because Jesus was and still is just that – amazing!

Come join us as we travel to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see this extraordinary show. We’ll also tour the National Capital Radio and Television Museum, learn about the Moravian faith as we visit their church in Lititz, and the Mennonite faith as we explore the Biblical tabernacle reproduction at their Information Center. Jesus at Sight & Sound TheatreWe’ll enjoy an old-fashioned patriotic Magic Lantern Show, taste just-baked, absolutely delicious Amish pretzels and wonderful Jesus at Sight & Sound TheatreBird-in-Hand Farmers Market raisin bread, as well as enjoy a peaceful ride through the serene Amish countryside.

It will be a wonderful 3-day adventure in Lancaster. Come. Join us as we see the greatest show on earth . . . Jesus. He’s going to be at Sight and Sound Theatre in 2018!

Travel Dates:
April 23 – 25, 2018

Cost Per Person:

  • Double: $592.00
  • Triple: $552.00
  • Quad: $518.00
  • Single: $713.00

$50.00 at time of booking

Final Payment Due:
March 12, 2018

Member National Tour AssociationNational Tour Association

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